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Motor Vibration and Noise Inspection Machine
-- Used for analysis of vibration of motor, gear-box etc.
-- Use of acceleration sensor with DAQ
-- Vibration F-M analysis based on FFT algorithms
-- Frequency range: 1Hz ~ 20K Hz

Applicable Products
-- DC Motor
-- AC Motor
-- Stepping Motor
-- Gear Box
Product parameters

Applicable motor types

DC motor, AC motor, stepping motor etc.

Line connection

Conveyor or manual

Vibration sensor

High precision, wide bandwidth acceleration sensor (1~4 detection locations)

Noise sensor

High precision, wide bandwidth microphone (1~2 detection locations)

Applicable defect type

Imbalance of current, eccentricity of armature, imbalance of rotor, axial play, bearing damage

Signal acquisition system

Multi-channel 14-bit high precision DAQ

Signal processing system

Shinyi brand

Cycle time

< 5 sec