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Company Profile

Shenzhen Shinyi Metrology Co., Ltd. is specialized in inspection equipment for precision industrial process automation. As a high-tech enterprise, we provide total solution including R&D, manufacturing, sales and after service.

Shenzhen Shinyi Metrology Co.,Ltd. was founded in February 2014. We are located in Shenzhen which is the economic center of Pearl River Delta. We have branches and sales offices in Hongkong, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Bangkok.

Our products and services mainly aim at electrical motor industry and widely used in semi-conductor, medical and automobile parts industries. Shinyi has grown to be a high-end brand supplier for inspection equipment, and we have earned good reputation among our customers with creative technology, excellent quality and satisfactory service.

Our patented product Shaft Straightening Machine is used for inspection of TIR and automatically straightening of shaft which is  revolutionary improvement in the process of shaft straightening compared with traditional manual operation with low efficiency and low quality. Motor Vibration and Noise Inspection Machine, Motor Waveform Analysing Machine, Commutator Defect AOI Machine and etc. have broken through domestic technological bottleneck and became industrial-leading. We have formed a series of products based on our core technology in the following aspects:

-- Shaft TIR inspection technology based on precision displacement sensor
-- Shaft straightening technology based on discrete control theory
-- Intelligent defect detection technology based on machine vision
-- 3D image remodeling and analysis technology based on laser scan
-- Precision press-fit measurement and control technology based on dual feedback of force and displacement
-- Wave-form, vibration and noise analysis technology based on DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms

In resent years, Shinyi Metrology shall focus on automated equipment to “become the leading supplier with intelligent manufacturing technology for motor industry in Asian-Pacific Region” as our vision. We shall continue to broaden Southeast Asia market and provide our advanced technology and local service.